Friday, 24 April 2009

In the company of Tammy and Johnny

Today it is difficult to be here. It is lonely, and financially incrediably stressful. I have been up for hours stressing and now there is little to say save i miss people I can be real with, I miss God and I have fallen over into anxiety. Life continues excitements and essays due.
Tammy Wynette has somehow snuck onto my ipod so I am sitting here singing at the top of my voice to 'Stand By Your Man' , LOL sometimes all you can do in the night is call out to God and fall into the arms of Tammy and Johnny Cash. there are worse people to keep company with at such times.

So the positive report... here I paste my latest report home full of sunshine and light.

Jesus Christ has Risen!
Well what a month it has been here in Auckland. It has been fantastic not in the least because of you all (refers to people at my old work). From lunch with Ali B at varsity, care package and catch up Jane from work colleagues at the Selwyn symposium and Geoff (one of my own bosses) staying with us I feel like I have been given my fix from home as I have caught up with the ins and outs of Christchurch life.

Study has been interesting the last few weeks. The Liturgy paper at St Johns and Ministry formation are my current favs but Greek is still my nemeses.
I continue to be impressed with St Johns who responded to my and another students requests for assistance by organising for us a weeklong Greek intensive course this past week with a retired Greek professor who is one of the tops in his field. Within 24 hours or our request it was organised and we had met our tutor.

Easter at college was one of the most meaningful Easters I have had so far. Each service was designed by students under the oversight of the Dean who had taken a teaching series on the Great Triduam. Celebrating with so many children and families was lovely. From the Maundy Thursday service to the Stations of the Cross where we carried a huge cross around the grounds to the Easter Service the children threw themselves in the services. On the Easter night we had a huge bonfire which the children toasted marsh mellows on and listened to the readings before processing with the Pascal candle through the graveyard where Bishop Winston near raised the dead with his calls of Jesus Christ is Risen.
At the church door there was one of those magical moments where Winston banged on the door demanding entry in the name of our Lord and spontaneously all the children (around 40) who were around him yelled yeah open up!

A group of us had been involved in cooking the feast for afterwards which went from feeding an estimated 35 to over 70. All and all a great way to start the week.

This afternoon I head off to Greek and Shawn’s parents and our niece arrive for a week so it will be good to see them. It is for me the busiest month that they are arriving on but it will be nice to have the occasional distraction.

We Christchurch folk up here met together to watch the strategic plan DVD and discuss the synod which to all accounts seems to have gone well. ( Bishop Victoria launched her new strategic plan for the Christchurch Diocese at a special Synod).
You all continue to be in my prayers and thoughts thank you all so much for keeping in touch.

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Crimson Rambler said...

keeping you in prayer altho' too harassed here to do much more than "lurk" on other people's blogs.