Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Into a New Day - from office girly to Seminarian

I have not written for some time. My apologies for my lack of contact until now. With all the changes that go on in moving up here it seemed wise to wait a few weeks so that the highs and lows took on some perspective. And you were not getting the rantings of a woman in shell shock.

It was the wee small hours when I started this. Up with a chest infection I was gut twisted to open an email and discover the news of the death of a young woman from an old congregation who is the daughter of a one our Priests whom I had a bit to do with and his wife. A young woman killed in a freak adventure accident who had just started to fulfil her dream of becoming a vet.

The next few emails, ripples from my diocese that seems so far away now i am away at seminary.

At times I am floored that in a couple of weeks I have left my job, family, friends home, packed us up and we have travelled up and away here to Auckland.

The trip up here was like a release after we had been waiting with the tension of sad goodbyes and expectant hope. We were driven getting from Christchurch to here in several days. Yet there were moments of delight. To drive under snow capped mountains on the desert road, to witness the plants we know be taken over by new and exotic species, to gaze on the waters of lake Taupo, to navigate ourselves up here. And then in the morning on the motorway to have the first sight of Auckland to coincide too the song 'into marvelous light I travel'.

Getting out of the car however became a shock. Hitting town in the worst heat wave in 150 years with day after day of humidity in the high 90’s left me wondering what on earth I had done. I am after all a winter snow and rain girl in the tropics.

The house itself is lovely we are at the bottom of a lane of 6 fellow seminarian families all at St Johns. I mention the house because for the last 10 years we have lived a dark place in many ways, so to be here in a place clear and clean and new has been such a gift. The first day here we were visited by neighbours from Zimbabwe with muffins and another neighbour organised a meal for us with all the people in our lane as a meet and greet which was greatly appreciated.
Shawn adores Auckland and we have spent hours exploring this huge place in part in an effort to be cool driving and also I think as a way or orientating ourselves. A way of meeting the city and finding our place.

The cat although enjoying bringing me lizards to let go in the house is more in love with the fan than with me at present. Me I have been up and down and inside out which is to be expected as I adjust to being in a seminary and to going to varsity for the first time.
Dark moments:
realising I will never be cool or young like the many students in my classes.
Missing the familiarity and comfort of Liturgy that I know
Greek class
no real silence to be found

Sitting on the wharf at Devonport at night looking back over the city
Blowing off the frustration of orientation with fellow hometown seminarian by floating in the sea in the middle of a warm rain storm
The house
getting to know folk
the generosity of those around us


More tomorrow

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