Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Okay so any day now its going to be sunshine and smiles (grin)

Hi all
Greetings from a typical day in auckland ie it rained earlier, is sunny now and no doubt will rain again soon. Now that Easter is passed counting down the shopping days left till Christmas. Which as I write stands at 199 sleeps, 8 hours, 27 minutes. ( I know you were all wanting to know that )

It has been a rough few weeks here in Auckland, Shawn has been unwell which came to head last week when he had a seizure while we were driving and I managed to get him to pull over right by our Dr which was good as we managed to rush him in and were then sent to Accident and Emergency. I am eternally grateful to the Dean of College Jim White who when I phoned from the Drs office rushed down to the surgery and drove us in to A and E.

The upshot was they think an infection in his gal bladder and liver which sent his fever shooting through the roof causing the seizures. A few distressing hours of realising all the things you want to say to each other in the end is condensed down to simply saying I love you and a few more sleepless nights which culminated in me crashing and burning in my latest Greek test and all is well.

So infection under control Shawn is home having caught a nice cold in Hospital.
One highlight was seeing his insides on the MRI and the shocked look on the young serious Drs face when I asked if that lump on the screen was some kind of foetal twin"no Madam he said that is his Kidney"."Thank goodness" I reply " because it does bring up the question of Bigamy if it was, I mean did I marry them both?".
The poor Dr then thinking I was serious began to earnestly reassure me it was a kidney and not a foetal twin until he saw the consultant cracking up behind him. Such are the bizarre moments one has amidst the madness that is the hospital crisis and sleep deprivation.

My fellow students were wonderful picking me up late at night and getting me back to the hospital early in the morning. So all is okay.
We are building up to exam time here at Varsity so I imagine the tension will raise. (all prayers greatly appreciated)I have been watching the Christchurch weather with interest thinking how lucky to be so close to snow. (I know you probably think I am crazy but you have to love it).

Anyway more news to come just wanted to catch you up with the latest dramas I will post properly soon when things are settled and I am getting some sleep again. Things are hotting up here for the Auckland Diocese as they prepare for their electoral synod it is intersting looking at it all occuring from the outside this time. Please know I think of you often and you are in my prayers Peace Megan

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