Thursday, 9 October 2008

My Kingdom for some space

Well there is certainly a lot to think about at the moment. People around me have as much as possible adjusted to us moving to Auckland. I am aware of the little community builder in me that at such times thinks of what it will take to settle in comfortably there. Shawn has found a church for himself, being a part of the vineyard movement he is in Wimber heaven with 7 churches to choose from.

What sits with me at the moment is a desire to find a creative community either some where to paint or learn. Ideally I would like to find a fellow icon writer in Auckland. One of the painful sides of leaving Christchurch is that I will not be able to study under Father Acardy here who had agreed to teach me the traditional Russian way of icon writing. I have some grief over that as I saw in his work something extraordinary.

So I am trying to be patient and not jealous that he is talking about having a school here in Christchurch. If anyone knows of a teacher of icons in Auckland please please let me know.

Aside from that I now have a hectic study schedule (see below) which I hope will make sense as to why I have not written here for some time. Blessings

HS101 Assignment 3. Due Date: 15 October 25%
Write an essay of 2000 words: First, outline the historical background within which Second Isaiah ministers. Then, describe the major themes found in his writing (Isaiah 40‑5 5). Finally, what is his central message?

MM102 ASSIGNMENT Three DUE DATE: 28th October 20%
Completion of 2 worksheets which will be based on questions related directly to the course reader.

DUE DATE: 10th November LESSONS 8‑14 15% Course Log

NT101 ASSIGNMENT FOUR DUE DATE 15th December 40%
For Sandra Schneider’s the challenge facing New Testament interpretation is to find a way(s) that "can ground a reading of the text that is unreservedly critical, on one hand, and that interacts meaningfully with the personal and communal spiritual life of the believing reader ..." (Sandra Schneider’s Revelatory Text, 13).[Select one of the following texts and show how a new reading or interpretation is possible when new critical questions are asked of the text from a particular perspective (hermeneutic). Show that you that understand the questions raised by the hermeneutic which you chose and then demonstrate your understanding by applying that hermeneutic to the scripture passage:
Either: A Liberation Hermeneutic: Luke 6:20‑26 (make brief reference to other linked texts/verses in Luke)
Or: A Feminist Hermeneutic: Matthew 15:21‑28 (make brief reference to other linked texts/verses in Matthew)
Or: An Earth Hermeneutic: Matthew 6:9‑14 (make brief reference to other linked texts/verses in Matthew)
Or: An Earth Hermeneutic: the use of heaven/earth imagery in a particular NewTestament book

HS101 Assignment 4 Due Date: 24th November 35%
This assignment is intended to help you get your head around what you have learned this year. It should be longer than the previous assignments, but its length depends on how much you want to say. You may structure it in any way you like, but follow the advice in the EIDTS Study & Writing Guide. You are expected to reference your quotations correctly.

In what way were the people of Israel different after the Exile?
Consider the following: religious institutions, literary concerns, political structure, attitude to other nations, social situation, role of prophets, attitude to women, self-consciousness, etc. Choose some of these issues and explain how things differed before and after the Exile.

DUE DATE: Dec 31st 2008 20%
Write a 1500 word Book Review on the Course Text by Cornfield, Margaret Zipse. (1998). Cultivating Wholeness. A Guide to Care and Counselling in Faith Communities. New York, Continuum.

MM102 ASSIGNMENT Five DUE DATE: 20th January 2009 25%
If you were writing a comprehensive theology of pastoral care giving, what biblical resources would you use and why? (This topic must be dealt with thematically, not by simply quoting endless passages from scripture) 1500 words

MM102 ASSIGNMENT Six DUE DATE: Feb 10th 2009 25%
In what ways could you give pastoral care during a rite of passage in your particular cultural context? What will be your pastoral theological understandings underbidding the provision of this care? 1500 words

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Crimson Rambler said...

Interesting that you have a reference here to Sandra Schneiders' work -- I heard her lecture here in Prairie Metropolis almost -- gadzooks -- 20 years ago. Dynamite stuff!