Friday, 10 October 2008

God Help Those Around Me

Today is a day when I am putting my foot in it. Nothing I say seems to come out the right way and I can see myself leaving a path of clumsy destruction in my wake. My bumbled apologies seem only to make things worse and I would seriously consider locking myself away in a dark room and sleeping if the majority of staff had not decided to take the day off and leave only one person to cover reception.

To be honest it’s probably not just today. My uncoordinated verbal bumbling has been going on for a few days coupled with a less than gracious attitude that has simmered beneath my tight smiling exterior for people who seem to annoy me for no other reason than they are breathing and I am a total wench at the moment when stressed.

This weekend we have the Diocesan Ordination Training. Bishop Victoria is coming this evening to speak to us for the first time as a group. I would rather be a little more in charge of myself at what is a pivotal meeting for us and our future. When all else fails I think it is perhaps best to resort to silence and a really big can of V.
Lord give me the patience,
The words,
The wisdom to shut up,
And blessings upon all I stumble over in the days ahead.

Meg stumbling about in the wind in search of sanctuary.

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Crimson Rambler said...

so delighted to find another fan of ELOISE!!!