Wednesday, 1 October 2008

An unsettled day

Yesterday something very disturbing happened. Well more disturbing than usual. A friend of mine who is a priest got home to find his house had been broken in to. What was really disturbing aside from the brake in, was the desercration of his crucifixes. Some had been smashed, some hung upside down, some had had things done to them and were flushed down the toilet. It was an odd break in, only a bottle was taken, the person who had broken in had however totally smashed his lap top in a frenzy. Everything else was left however i.e. cell phone etc.

It is the desecration of the crosses that has really unsettled me. My husband went to be with our friend as he waited for the police and to pray and do some clearing, and another priest came to bless the place later on that day. I have spent some time in prayer over this. Not just for my friend but for the person who did this. For the darkness they carry (be it psychological, spiritual addictive or all three) that would throw them into such a frenzy of hatred at the face of love.
God have mercy upon them; forgive them, and the face of love work deeply within them leading them to the light.

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