Friday, 18 July 2008

Reporting from the Eye of the Storm

Okay Life outs
I am aware that my posts may have seemed pretty dark lately.
Delayed reaction I guess of supporting a group of people in pain. And my dilemma of how to reconcile being a part of a church that sometimes wounds people and gets it wrong, and how when that happens people whom I imagined better of, scatter rather than respond and risk stepping into a sticky and painful place.

I am painfully aware of peoples support through lack of response.
If I have learnt anything it is:
• the importance of keeping doors open,
• of not backing away from those in pain,
• of the importance of my colleagues who have had the courage and gift of stepping forward so there are at least two of us in the fray.

I give thanks for my vicar for his calm wisdom and check ins. And now that the catch up I had made in my study has been lost through this, the need to find the mental resources to get back and try to make sense of my next assignment in a time when such things seem of little relevance.

There is a break for breath here.

I am not sure how this will play out. My mouth still feels dry for the Eucharist. I wonder what it feels like to do nothing at all, oh sweet desire.

Then again I could be at Lambeth! Meg reporting from the eye of the storm.

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