Tuesday, 5 February 2008

You know the old saying - we preach the sermons we need to hear ourselves...

Back to the Dots
On my manic wall calendar there are four orange dots of interest, one challenging, two thoroughly enjoyable for me and one I am open to going either way.

The challenging dot indicates an invitation to lead a reflection/meditation at the cathedral which seemed just fine until I discovered that they were at that time leading a series of the Seven Deadly Sins and on my day is scheduled gluttony!! I am trying to look at it as Gods cosmic joke! As a big woman to lead such a topic is…a challenge which I shall accept. Although finding that opening line is difficult and has raised some interesting options. I guess starting with the old AA motif of Hi I am Megan and I’m a glutton is a little tasteless for a reflective service. Anyway I shall when I get my head around it post it here I have no doubt. The two dots which I am looking forward to are two evenings I am running on woman at the cross.

As the Blurb says:
Woman at the foot of the Cross- a Prayer meditation series that looks at women both as anointer and witness at the crucifixion.

Week One - On the way to the cross – inside the house of Simon Peter and the anointing woman.
The story of the anointing woman is both haunting and engaging. Although who she was has been open to debate, the power of this extraordinary act of humanity is undeniable.
Through prayer, meditation, discussion, and encounter let us explore this evocative and immerse ourselves in the deeply evocative image of a woman of courage and humility.

Week Two –At the foot of the cross- women as witness at the crucifixion.
Through Marks Gospel we are told of the many women both named and unnamed who witnessed the crucifixion of Christ. The impact of such an event is one we can only begin to comprehend. Although the names and accounts of most of these women have never been told, the very mention of their presence signals the significance of them as witness at the crucifixion.
Together through prayer, meditation, discussion, and encounter let us explore the points of connection between the witness of the passion of Christ and our place our place of witness today.

The third of my orange dots is preaching at St Lukes which I have not done before. My nervousness is I guess being around people I know rather than strangers and the old wanting to do the opportunity justice.

In between all these there is an electoral synod 4 workshops to organize an ordination and commissioning and chrism service to print a discernment weekend and two conferences to do the prep for. Now about this gluttony issue…


Jan said...

Welcome to RevGals!

I am excited that you are an icon writer. Do you have some you've prayed on your blog?

I love the Desert Mothers and am supposedly writing my master's degree papers on them. . . .but I dally.

Crimson Rambler said...

I very much like the colored dots idea, and I thank you for it. Thinking about your reflection on gluttony...do you know Mary Margaret Funk's book, "Thoughts Matter"? It starts with our obsessive thinking about food...

Fringe Dweller said...

Thanks rambler for the infomraion I will look it up.

Jan if you scroll down to 23rd November you will see a couple of my icons there, one of St Veronica and one of Mary of Egypt (one of my most loved desert mothers) also on January 15th I think? one of the madonna and child.

Lovely to hear from you both.


Crimson Rambler said...

Hi Dweller, I've tagged you for a meme at my blog!