Tuesday, 5 February 2008

In search of...

I have just finished (some what late) my training and learning Covenant for 2008. Looking at the expectations of the year I would have to say a cold sweat has fallen over me. I know it is doable especially if I knuckle down. So to aid in focusing I have just done the wall planner complete with large red dotes marking assignments and orange for preaching and teaching. It is something I notice in myself at stressful times the whole issue of organizing manically. This of course looks good but involves the follow through to make any real value in the exercise.

As I look at my year planner it is the absence of things I notice. Like I haven’t put in swimming classes at all. Sitting behind everything is the blue dot on the 20th of April which is the last day at my parish.

The other day I was talking to my priest who asked me if I would know by that day where I was moving to as it would be good to be able as part of the service at the end to pass me over if you will to a representative of my new parish so people would have a sense of placing me in good hands. At that point I had one of my less glamourous moments of feeling this clot of grief settling in me and made a dive to the tissue box. When I walk out that door that has been so healing for me I know the parish will then meet to continue with their parish review ‘where to in the future’ with an awareness that I am not a part of this.

One of the things I am aware of as I branch out visiting Churches is that there are some really interesting places out there yet the stumbling block seems to be me. Each church has aspects of what I would like (and yes BTW I know I have to be open to Gods call) yet none seem to have them together. This is an indication of me rather than the churches I am visiting. And that whereas I had to a point an element of choice in my past churches now there are others involved and issues such as training etc to consider.

So the journey continues and at the end of my search I shall hopefully have a clearer idea of where I am going.
One day at a time

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orczy said...

Hi Megs.
Have you found a new church?
How exciting!