Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Nativity Icon

Here is the Nativity Icon I did for my family this year. It is a very pretty Icon to do and I am struck as I begin the Lamentation Icon which is my most ambitious icon (over a metre long) by the stark difference from doing a mother and child full of richness and hope and moving to an icon of sorrow where the babe in arms is replaced by a mother cradling the head of her dead son in her lap.

The image is a little blurry as it is a scan of a photocopy but you get the idea.

You know at times like these I wonder if I am a little odd in today's church. I am not quite sure where I fit, as though I have been placed out of time somewhere.

I am struck as I begin the lamentation icon that in April I will leave my parish as I move to experience other faith communities in my training. There is a real grief for me in this as a lot of healing has occurred for me there and I am aware of experiencing each parish event with a sense of last times. Each celebration is a little grief I guess as I detach and let go.

The adventurer in my is excited about new experiences and meeting new people yet there is also the other part of me that feels pushed by the unfamiliar.

Maybe time to go jetty jumping again.

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Cathy said...

These icons are beautiful - I hope one day to be able to write an icon.

I have tried to email you about Revgalblogpals and your application to join the webring. If you can, please email me at cathystevens @ gmail.com