Monday, 24 December 2007

And in the midst of Termoil comes a babe, the light of the world...Thank Goodness!

Okay so in this time of Advent we hear of pain and suffering prophecy and hope...and through it all, this evening will burst through the light of the world, the Christ child. In keeping with the Advent Christmas theme I have lived out my own creation and destruction scenario over the last few days. Which has lead to madness, at least 15 new ticks on my confession checklist and the odd smoldering creativity. But that happens when one almost burns down a church...

So this year I refuse to get caught up in Christmas madness in Advent. I pace myself am even feeling kind of cool about it then two days ago after completing two icons for gifts two disasters strike.

When leaving the church where I have been painting, I blow out a candle only for it to reignite, catch alight and when found (thanks be to God) it has burnt through the carpet and down to the floor. Way to almost destroy a 150 year old historic building.

Then the next day (before I have heard about my arson attempts) I wake up and go to use a new spray to coat my newly completed icons only to have them start bubbling the moment the spray touches the gold leaf protector and in a matter of seconds they are destroyed.

I don't know which made me sicker both in their own way I guess.

I sat in the church when I heard, in what is now been renamed the smokers chapel because of the smell and just wept. Actually more sobbed, I don't think I have felt such belly tears in years. Where it physically hurts to breathe. And I am not sure if people being really nice about this makes it better or worse!
So what so you do well besides as many good works as possible in supplication well you spend the last few days, day and night re-doing the icons. And here is the annoying bit, within this I find an interesting piece of flawed theology I had ingested once upon a time reemerges in a seemingly innocuous thought that wafts past whispering dark words of wondering ... that maybe the destruction of the icons had been a punishment for setting fire to the church, an eye for an eye or an icon or two for a church smoldering. And there is an attraction in such twisted thinking, in a paying of a price. We are after all in a time now of illumination.

The Light of the world who within our darkest night never dies away... drat another thing to take to Spiritual direction.

Blessings to you all this Christmas see you later

Meg fire starter extraordinaire...

BTW finished the icons

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Jodi said...

Holy Buckets! I'm glad no one was hurt. Too bad about the icons too. I hope you were as happy with the second set as you were with the first.
Happy New Year, by the way.