Saturday, 19 September 2009

Back in the World

Well the Semester is in full swing and I am back in the world all be it in a somewhat soft focus fashion until next week brings new glasses (heha). Went to Vaughn Park for a retreat last week on Care of the Soul using Poetry. Although it was not hugely transformative it was nice to be around a group of creative women, to play cards and night and drift in and out of sleep to the sound of waves.

Vaughn Park is beautiful and I hope to return for more than one night next year. My taste for retreat running has been peaked once more so watch this space basically. Currently I am in the St Johns Library before I head down to teach an icons class.

Below some thoughts on watching discarded cloth caught on the breeze.

Centering on my heart
for the first time in a thousand thousand years
I am met by the slip of a child.
Emancipated from a tired washing line
de-pegged she flaps in the breeze,
beckoning me to come play in dappled places.

Over hill - through moonlit stream
beyond the hard green land,
until I am lead to
the space between heartbeats
wide and silent
to find a washing line
filled with the slips of a thousand lost adventures.

Kneeling I hold my childhood slip close
caress each starched line.
Dear God
how many dreams have whisked past my busy eyes unseen?

Blessings Meg in the wind

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