Tuesday, 18 August 2009

This week at St Johns

Memorial Service for fellow ordinand Jens Richardon killed in hit and run, memorial for Eru Potaka Dewes, Memorial with pacific Students for 98 killed in Ferry sinking. Poignant rich, wept when Fijian women surrounded Bishop Halapua who was kneeling behind Eucharist Table as they knealed and sang and danced the Lords prayer. Not a dry eye in the house.
One assignment in on Liberation Theology Sobrino and Christology, another due in a day or so on early Church History in Aotearoa, Psychology of Teaching and Learning Test Monday and tomorrow night possibly going to present some poetry at College poetry night if it is deemed good enough by fellow contributors. Feeling some ambivalence at that and in truth at the morning so wondering if I really need this?

Politics continue so taking a step back to refocus the old remember why you are here. Husband slowly getting better. Soon have Christian Spirituality class which I did love but on this day feel burdened by when so much is sitting and waiting for me.

Positive notes birds singing, blossom out, Tui's in the grave yard outside my window here, beautiful. In tow weeks mid semester break so doing a few days on my icon projects for college.

Dear Lord please remove the Blah Blah blah in me. trying to get myself motivated to go to Eucharist. Normally fine. Today it will all be in Maori which I usually feel fine about but sometimes I miss at least some of my own language. And yes I am aware of the dangers in these politically correct times of saying such things. Which is why I have an edit button so I may remove my colonial oppression later. Perhaps what I really need is a good old fashioned wine with my friends. CHRISTCHURCH WOMEN I MISS YOU
Oh yes and I am day four without coke, have swaped it with coke zero after discovering full on addiction...it is not the same...

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