Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Realising your weird

Okay so recently my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. He being a Southern boy raised on navy bases and trailer parks we decided to go all out and celebrated southern style which basically meant Cajun spiced chicken, pork and beans. We tried to outdo each other with gifts, he bought me Bourbon (in a can of course) and I got him a packet of pork scratchings as a dowry reminder.

We sat there hooting with laughter at each other. Something which I didn't even realise was particularly odd until I retold the story over morning tea at work the next day in response to their questions about how we celebrated our anniversary.

Note to self according to the horrified looks at work laughter was not supposed to be involved,we were supposed to go out to a sedate restaurant, there would be gifts, a chaste kiss and some restrained thinking of England.

Me I think I enjoyed the laughter myself.

Two weeks till we head off to the seminary. I wonder if they like chili dogs up there? Meg

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