Monday, 10 November 2008

A fractured day

Well an interesting time at present..although as I say this there have been few really uninteresting times when I think about it. Lets see since the last post...
I have been falling in love again with the DVD 'Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus' this week and listening to a mixture of Beck (a birthday gift) a little childhood nostalgia with some Gordan Lightfoot, and finally much to the annoyance of all around me a mix of disco classics and Christmas music...sigh what a troubled child I must be.

The sorting has begun on what to take to Seminary, oh I wish I hadn't been such a hoarder! I finished my meditation for the Advent publication coming out shortly. In the end I did a meditation based on a shepherd who watches over the houses of Mary and Jesus just after the Annunciation. I have begun tossing around the concept of a book with a theologian friend of mine where she would write a teaching piece to a particular Biblical story and I would write a meditation.

Today I had coffee with a friend of mine with a brain tumor we spoke about another couple of young women with terminal cancer one who died yesterday and one for whom each day is a gift to us all. We talked about grief and hope about intervention and leaving. About how she wasn't scared of dying she just didn't want to leave people filled with grief. We talked planning funerals and having fun. And her joy that her friend who had just died was baptised a couple of weeks ago.
A gift in what has otherwise been a fractured day.

Tomorrow I am up at St Johns College for a meeting on the Women's Studies Centre and to meet with the Dean to talk about next year.

God thank you for the pain and the joy, the laughter and tears and for living in a place where the hard thing is having such an abundance that we throw things away.

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