Saturday, 23 August 2008

Hey there

Okay firstly yes I am still alive but for the next few weeks the madness of organizing a Bishops installation and a synod when we are down on staff will absorb me to the hilt.
Bishop Victoria arrived last week and next Saturday will be installed as 8th Bishop of Christchurch something many of us, myself included, are greatly looking forward to. At the moment I am trying to get my head around an assignment due days ago that seems to make less sense the more I look at it.

Study at the moment has taken a back seat and I am now I think working on a constant catch up. I am intensely aware that working two jobs and studying effectively is not something I am able to do so some decisions coming I think so I may get back to being able to focus on my study and ministry.

Soon I will be back here writing if only as a stress relief. Positive things on the horizon aside from new Bishops include contributing to a publication with a meditation on the holy family. Last night coming out of work I looked at my husband and said I just cant go home my head just won’t clear so we did what we haven’t done for a long time and headed off into the evening we drove over to Lyttleton harbor and watched the boats come in with snow on the hill tops then we drove around the harbour up through the hills through Gebbes Pass and home blowing the week out of my head. I had forgotten how precious it was just to get away of only for an hour and have the space to ask such questions as what have you been reading love?

So I am about to go to take icon class then back to study

Bounce bounce life is an adventure I have just found out that somehow my ability to add pic has returned oh happy day
God at this precise moment ROCKS as I am filled with joy



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Crimson Rambler said...

Hi Megan...would love to see your meditation on the holy family!!! It sounds as though Bishop Victoria's installation at Christchurch will be cooler than her installation at Edmonton, which was on the Feast of the Visitation in 1997...a hot spring weekend and the cathedral packed. I was so grateful to be placed at the end of a row where at least I had cool brick on ONE side instead of perspiring fellow clergy on both sides!...
May it be a happy and blessed day for the new bishop and her new diocese, and all of you.