Friday, 18 April 2008

A new Church a new adventure

What has been happening?

Well this Sunday I begin at a new church Holy Trinity. It also happens to be the same day my Diocesan Ordination Training Group are visiting Holy Trinity as a part of our bi monthly experince of different forms of worship.

My soon to be new vicar has asked if I will stand up at the end of the service in a bit of an "Oprah" moment and have an introduction question and answer session before the congregation. All very out there!

In the mean time I was asked if I had any prayers suitable for a service which would include teenage girls for this Sunday in light of the horrible week we have had with teenagers here.

For thsoe of you from over seas in the last 2 days we have had 6 teen agers and a teacher from Elim Chrsitian School in the North Island killed in a flash flood on an outdoor pursuits weekend and a local teenager Marie Davis abducted 10 days ago found dead in a river.

So here is what I wrote feeling totally inadequate to the task I would have to say and aware that all over the country others such as me will be struggling to find words both appropriate for the occassion and the age group.

We pray for those who have been taken unexpectedly,
For Marie Davis for the young men and women from the Elim Christian school,

for Floyd, Portia, Tom, Natasha, Anthony, Tony, and Tara.
Holding in our prayers, their families, their friends and all who grieve.

Lord of the unexpected
There are times when I am lost
When this place,
your creation,
can suddenly feel unsafe.
Out in the world,
on the streets,
life goes on,
when I want to stop it for a moment, and ask you why?
Why someone with their whole life before them is taken in an instant?
Why it is that those most beautiful in your sight suffer?
Why it feels like nothing will ever be the same again?

In homes and in class rooms,
for families and friends
there are moments and memories that will never be made,
family occasions that will be incomplete,
text messages meant to bring a smile that will never to be sent,
empty spaces in class rooms,
forever left unfilled.

Yet in all the questions,
the “What ifs”, and the “Maybes” Lord, there is thanks,
Thanks for the joy each of them brought to those around them,
for the smiles and fun times they were a part of,
for the friendships they enriched,
for the talents and gifts they shared.

We give thanks that at this time-however sad,
we are reminded of how special life is,
how precious are those with us here today,
and that unfailing you stand with us in grief and in gladness.


God of our darkness and our light
Watch over those who at this time must be strong for others,
Be at their backs Lord when the burden is too great
Give strength to trembling arms that hold up others,
Forever whispering soft words of morning for those who minister to the night.

Bless all of you who are struggling to find the words


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Crimson Rambler said...

Thank you, Dweller! we'll remember these young people in our prayers also.