Thursday, 6 March 2008

Sermon on the molehill

Well as the great man says 'it is done'
Sermon finished over. in the end it was after putting out my back a weekend of desperately trying to get it together and doing an okay job in the end.

In reality I did not think I really nailed the main points but as far as learning exercises goes I am sure it has some way to go. Its always annoying when the rest of the week you finally get to nail it in your head anyway. I am wondering as someone who is so audio centered (thanks years of radio) if it would be good one day to invest in a wee recorder as I find the stream of consciousness aspect of me rather helpful when let loose.

This week has been one of anti-infamiatories, gatherings, and full on evenings.
On Monday evening I went to a 25 years of ordination celebration that was such a gift. Today a lunch time talk on substitutionary atonement, tonight training parenting counsellors and last night was the first of my two weekly Lenten series at Theology House.

In that we explored the world of the Anointing Woman. The attendees themselves were of interest to me. Being in a family where were cover the length and breadth or Christian expression being accessible has been something I have strived for, to move between worlds has enriched me. As I looked at those gathered last night I became aware of a huge diversity, 3 Anglo catholics, 2 Unitarians, 1 Catholic, a Presbyterian, and a bible study group of four from an evangelical Anglican church was us. Apart from sounding a wee bit like one of those ...There was a catholic and Anglican and a .... situations I became aware of the importance for us of finding a language we could understand and use as a basis for discussion, without actually loosing myself or what I was saying in any watered down language.
I think I did this, although others may tell me differently. I was aware of seeing this odd mix as profoundly precious, especially for those who rarely went outside of their church for teaching.

So I guess that seeing who turns up next week will be the proof in the pudding when we look at Women as witness at the crucifixion

Ever onwards Megan

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