Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Nonsensical Musings from the tired Triduum Bunny

Well as an irreverent Friend of mine would say in response to "Jesus Christ has Risen",
"Well that's one more for Sunday lunch then".

The Great Triduum is over. From the foot washing to the veneration, from night vigil to the 5am preparations for the dawn Easter day service around the fire.
Back at work of course there is the 'What did you do for Easter?' to which the reply is 'You know Church' . 'What every day? isn't it like a holiday?' After this time coming back to work almost seems like a relief from an intense time in all honesty. I was pleased to go through it with the people of my community. My priest making sure I was either assisting or in some way involved in every service (I'll teach her as much as I can before she leaves here).

Most people now know I am leaving, no more "oh no or why?" comments. One woman said on Sunday 'Well do they need you?' and actually I don't know.
And that's not really the point. I am not sure what I will be to my new community or them to me. They are an older congregation which will be a challenge for me. I have often lamented on missing people of my own age with which to worship. But I guess this is the difference between joining a community as a parishioner and joining a community as a part of formation. Staying with the uncertainty and all that.

I heard the Bishop Victoria interview today, for those who missed it you can catch it on . I thought is was much better than the botched edited TVNZ job the other day . I would have liked the interviewer to not spend half the interview trying to find sensationalist angles from unnamed sources. (Makes me ashamed to grow up in a media household). I am just looking forward to having her here and meeting her face to face.

This weekend it is tomato soup, pasta sauce and relish preserving weekend.
Peace to you all and deep stuff later.
Meg (the tired Triduum bunny)
Jesus Christ has risen Alleluia !


Micki said...

Just found your blog while Googling "quote..Jesus find me" for my blog. I can see that I must come back and read more. Very inspiring.

Micki said... added thought to first comment. Forgot to say that I'm in the US but I can't wait to visit New Zealand someday....just too far away right now. :-)