Thursday, 21 February 2008

For paintings just begun

There is a painting not guite begun that sits in my study
an outline that itches to be filled
made fleshy ripe,
the lines of her tightly coiled body
ask to be given strength

She has sat as a sketch so long
with knees drawn up to chest
head burried,
that I wonder somewhere
why it is she still holds my attention at all?

if there were words to paint along her spine they would be few
'Lord Make me a stone'
the outline
whispers at the dawn,
we have been studying together
all night
she and I

God unwrapping me
me unwrapping God
Maybe though she just wishes form
so like me she can finally find
a place to rest


orczy said...

Very nice stuff.
I loved your Christmas Icon. So good.
How is the search?

Crimson Rambler said...

I gather you have yourselves a new bishop in that part of NZ... "we must talk" !!