Friday, 23 November 2007

Generally ramblings on Icons

Well the Desert Mothers Course into the Wilderness has come to an end and tomorrow I am beginning to co-lead a new icon group concentrating on the The Nativity Icon.

Here are some photos of two icons I have recently finished. The first St Veronica I have recently re worked. Unfortunately the reflective surface of the gold leaf has meant that taking photos has been difficult but I hope you get the idea.

The second is the icon of Mary of Egypt I have commented on here before. She is in a different style.

I also as soon as I find it on my computer have one of my portraits which I would like to take some photos of.
Many people have found Mary of Egypt ugly or more to the point 'not pretty' which is kind of the point.
But then you don't live for 49 years alone in the desert seeking God and not be transformed.

The Icon course we are starting to teach tomorrow will be interesting. It is very much a taster, a way in for people where icons are concerned.

It has been advertised like this:
For centuries people have been drawn to the unworldly images of Icons. Unsettling and enticing, these creations have been called the windows of heaven. This Advent you are invited on a journey of discovery as we explore the creative power of the nativity through the art of Icon writing. A course suitable for beginners, each
week we will meet together in prayer as we create our own icons in anticipation of the coming of the Christ child.

Now to live up to the advertising blurb!
For my Christmas Icon project I am tossing up between several icons. I would like to do a large John the baptist with wings. I have a small Joan of Arch to finish and sitting in the back of my mind are some of the advertising posters that have come out about Elizabeth the I and how good they would look transformed into say a Joan or Arch. The other morning I was talking on the Cathedral on the Air programme and what struck me also were the people in the last 200 years who at some stage I would love to create icons of. Mother Aubert comes to mind, some of the awesome women from the Community of the Sacred name. So many possibilities. I would be curious to see who others would see as impactful in their journeys and someone whom you may paint an icon of.
In the end I will give it over to God and probably find myself in some unexpected place as so often happens.
Peace to you all.

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Paul Fromont said...

You have a wonderful talent. Lovely icons. Thanks for sharing them.