Monday, 15 October 2007

what can I say in 5 mins?

Okay what can I say.

Life is full on at the moment, my husbands father is due back into surgery and we are not sure he is going to make it. Around him (now very much a broken patriarch) the family disintegrates, comes together briefly and scatters again.

Yet the person who is with me today is Bernie from Dunedin. Strong Catholic who has suffered so long with cancer to the point where his ears have long ago fallen off and there are holes in his face his whole body riddled.

His response has been to give himself to science whilst alive. He has told the Drs at Dunedin hospital to do every test they have ever wanted and to try any procedure, not to extend his life but so that someone else may benefit from their learning.

Bernie may not make it through tonight. But God is waiting in anticipation to catch him the moment he falls.

For both Harold and Bernie and their families your prayers would be greatly appreciated



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