Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Lord be in all that I do and All that I am ...I think

Okay easier said, than done. If indeed Christ is in us, what is it that we are saying and indeed doing to Christ in how we treat ourselves and each other?
What does it mean to be Christ bearers?
Do we treat the Christ within and indeed ourselves and a sacred and tender vibrant creation rich with potential and love, or like the embarrassing family member you only let around people who "understand" and secretly resent.

Does being a Christ bearer become some kind of vaguely creepy experience with the "Gods not only always watching you but is in you as well" scenario in play. It can all become a little like an esoteric 1984 really.

I am not sure why I began with this, I spend a lot of time chatting with God, arguing, begging, asking for signs, ways to get through the next day, hour, minute, aching for an external affirmation that I am not alone that things will get better.

And so I pray

Sometimes I feel I might break
with the strength it takes
to hold up those around me.

Be at my back Lord
when the burden is too great.
Hold firm my spine,
when it begins to crumble.

Give strength
to these trembling arms
that hold up others,


if the time comes,
catch all the pieces of me
as I break.

All the while whispering
soft words of morning
to those who minister
to the night

We are not alone

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Ledell said...

Well written article.